What will I find at Fellowship Baptist when I visit?

In a world that is becoming increasingly isolated, lonely and impersonal, visiting Fellowship Baptist Church is a fantastic way to develop friendships and learn more about God together.  FBC is a small, fun-loving, caring group of people who not only say they love each other but put love into practice in every area of their lives in service, sacrifice, word and deed. This is FBC. This is God, This is Love

We have found visiting FBC, everyone’s experience is different. People find that our church meets all kinds of needs.
Have a look at what some of our people say about their own experience being part of Fellowship Baptist Church.

“Fulfils my need to learn about God; and to worship and serve Him within a loving extended family.”   -Queena Hynes

“A place where I feel I belong and can be happy working for the Lord”.  -Brad Carver


Our Pastoral Team and Staff

Bill Bramblet

Pastor - 0410 826 807

Sunday School Teachers

Doyla & Asher,
Paula & Gretal,
Raivo & Alice,
and Neville & Brad

- (07) 3855 3404

Office & Admin

For all Office / Admin enquiries - Alice Howard - 0431 449 253